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Hello, I am Sarah R. (she/her) and I am the artist behind Lesbrarian Creates. I started honing my craft in bead embroidery in 2021 as a hobby, and fell in love with the medium. The process of creating a piece of beadwork is meditative, and has become a crucial part of my mental healthcare routine.

When creating beadwork, I create pieces that I love. They are often inspired by nature and the cosmos. As a queer woman, I am also inclined to create pieces that center women and queer imagery. I hope that my pieces bring you joy.

Giving back

I believe that it is important to give back to under-served communities as far as possible. I do this by donating to organisations and mutual aid funds in Singapore that advocate for domestic/migrant workers, the LGBTQIA+ community and women's issues.


Since June 2021, I've been able to donate $896.00 to: 

  • Ain Society

  • Migrant Mutual Aid

  • Go With the Flow (Menstrual Cup Mutual Aid Fund)

  • Daughters of Tomorrow

  • The T Project

For donation receipts, please visit my Instagram.

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